Finding That Tone BBLUES ONE

Finding That Tone BBlues One Low Gain Overdrive

The BBlues One is based on the classic BluesBreaker circuit, incorporating new extra controls for tone shaping, as well as other technical improvements like noise filter, more volume, soft switching and true bypass. It was designed with inspiration from those almost clean tones of John Mayer’s Continuum era, looking for that deep, bell-like tone, but will be able to give you a multitude of other tones and work successfully in almost any backline.

BBlues One


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BBlues One - Low Gain Overdrive

Our take of the classic BluesBreaker circuit

Not too long ago, we released our first version of the BBlues One (the mk1 or 3-knobs-version), even before Marshall released the reissue of its fantastic BluesBreaker pedal. With this initial version our idea was to faithfully recreate the mythical circuit (at that time very expensive and without an official reissue), adopting all its virtues but also all its defects, with the added bonus of having the two historical versions of the early/later circuit at the flick of a switch.

Now, in this new version, we have completely redesigned the BluesBreaker circuit to solve the “flaws” of the legendary pedal from the 90s, and give it new controls to increase its versatility. But all this addings and improvements always with losing its soul neither the original tones.

BBlues One v1 and Blues Breaker pedal from Marshall

John Mayer and Continuum tones (our inspiration)...

If you know us at all, you’ll know that we love John Mayer, and of course we love his Continuum album, with that tones around the Two Rock amps, the Black One strat and of course the Marshall BluesBreaker pedal. For many of us Continuum tones are one of the biggest pinnacles of tone.

You know, those almost clean, bell-like deep tones. A not too complicated tone, but difficult to nail it. The Bluesbreaker pedal can gives you that Gravity tone, but it’s not always easy, maybe your pickups are too aggressive, or your amp is too bright, who knows… there are too many variables out there! but we’re very sure that you’ll need more than 3 knobs to achive it.

Grab a Strat, through a Fender-style clean amp (setted as not too bright), and try your BBlues One with this settings: GAIN (between 14:00 – 15:00), TONE (12:00), PRESENCE (in some point between 9:00 – 15:00, depending on your amp and room), VOLUME (13:00), BRIGHT (OFF), SMOOTH (ON), DEEP (ON). Are you feel it?

... and much more.

Oh, wait! You don’k like Mayer? Well, don’t hate us for it! We’re just telling you the source of inspiration for the design of this pedal. However, we can assure you that the BBlues One will be able to give you a multitude of different tones and applications and works successfully in almost any backline. From super bright and sharp tones, to really dark and full-bodied sounds. Seriously, it will work for you, even if you are a bass player you’ll love it!

Finding That Tone - BBlues One


As mentioned above, we have completely redesigned the BluesBreaker circuit. First of all, as purely technical aspects, although not less important, we have improved the noise filter of the pedal and we have provided it with a true-byapass softswitching system, so it will respect your base tone.

On the other hand, one of the main unwanted characteristics of the original pedal is its loss of volume and brightness. The BBlues One has a different VOLUME system that gives you enough volume even to work as a booster. This way, at 12:00 you will get the unit volume. From that point on, you have plenty of volume path left over to boost your amp/other pedals.

We also have incorporated a new dedicated PRESENCE knob, which enhances the high frequencies clipped, allowing you, along with the native TONE knob and the 3 toggle switches, to have more control of the eq without having unwanted losses. PRESENCE set to 0% is the stock Bluesbreaker.

It is the same switch of our previous version called EARLY/LATER. For simplicity, we have now called it BRIGHT.
– EARLY (down): present on early BluesBreaker mk1 units from the early ’90s. Produces a less aggressive and sweeter tone, somewhat less bright and with less gain. Particularly suitable for John Mayer style clean glassy tones.
– LATER (up) : present on most BluesBreaker mk1 units, it came about because Marshall, sometime in the mid ’90s, modified certain values of the circuit components to give the pedal a little more punch and gain, producing a brighter and more aggressive tone.

We have incorporated a new switch that modifies the signal clipping system. The signal wave becomes rounder, without peaks. This translated into sound language means that some high frequencies are softened allowing a better appreciation of mids, a more velvety tone. Down is off (BluesBreaker stock), up is on (SMOOTH).

New switch that modifies the feedback filter of the integrated circuit, increasing the low frequencies giving a sense of depth. Make your amp sounds bigger. Down is off (BluesBreaker stock), up is on (DEEP).


Size: 95 x 125 x 55 mm.

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