BBlues One Finding That Tone
BBlues One

Introducing our new version of the BBlues One. Based on the classic BluesBreaker circuit, the BBlues One incorporates new extra controls for tone shaping. It has been designed taking inspiration from those almost clean tones from John Mayer’s Continuum era, looking for that deep and bell-like tone, but it will be able to bring you a multitude of other tones and perform successfully on almost any backline.

  • 8 controls to shape your tone:
    • 4 knobs: GAIN, TONE, PRESENCE and VOLUME
    • 3 switches: BRIGHT, SMOOTH and DEEP
    • 1 internal trimpot: DIODES CALIBRATION
  • Soft switching (footswitch with no-clack)
  • True bypass
  • 9-18v standard DC
  • Blue LED indicator
  • Available in several colours and finishes (powder coating / suede)
  • Black Faceplate
  • Top mounted jacks
  • Made in Spain
BBlues One

145 €

(VAT included, shipping costs not included)

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Classic gain control native to the BluesBreaker circuit. It remains practically clean throughout its entire run until approx 2:00, where it begins to break up, becoming more saturated in the last quarter of the path. However, in this new version, the saturation of the diodes is adjustable through an internal trimpot that manages the voltage they receive, being able to increase or decrease the saturation of the pedal, which will influence the behavior of the GAIN potentiometer.


BluesBreaker’s native tone control, this is a general filter of certain mid and high frequencies, allowing you to attenuate or brighten the tone.


We’ve added a dedicated presence control that will allow you to boost the high-end of your clipped signal. Very useful when the new DEEP and SMOOTH switches come into play. Set to zero is stock.


The BluesBreaker (and our previous version of the BBlues One), is characterized by a notable volume deficit. In this version we have replaced the native volume with a system that allows you to obtain the unit volume with the knob at 12:00. From there, you will have 50% of the remaining knob travel to boost the signal and push your amp.

Finding That Tone - BBlues One circuit
Finding That Tone - BBlues One


It is the same switch of our previous version called EARLY/LATER. For simplicity, we have now called it BRIGHT. Down is EARLY, up is LATER..

  • EARLY VERSION: present on early BluesBreaker mk1 units from the early ’90s. Produces a less aggressive and sweeter tone, somewhat less bright and with less gain. Particularly suitable for John Mayer style clean glassy tones.
  • LATER VERSION: present on most BluesBreaker mk1 units, it came about because Marshall, sometime in the mid ’90s, modified certain values of the circuit components to give the pedal a little more punch and gain, producing a brighter and more aggressive tone.


We have incorporated a new switch that modifies the signal clipping system, so that it is more rounded, that there are not so many peaks. This translated into sound language means that some high frequencies are softened allowing a better appreciation of mids, velvety tone. Down is off (stock), up is on (SMOOTH).


New switch that modifies the feedback of the integrated circuit, increasing the low frequencies giving a sense of depth. Down is off (stock), up is on (DEEP).


As always, you can choose the color that you like best for your “BB”

Vintage white

Matte black

SHELL pink

Sonic blue

Also available upholstered in faux suede in Ocean Turquoise or Cinnamon. Availability only on request. Additional cost, please consult.