Finding That Tone ÁMBAR

Finding That Tone BBlues One Low Gain Overdrive

Introducing ÁMBAR – dual overdrive. Based on the legendary Klon and TS10 circuits, we have redesigned some aspects that will give you more versatility and more tones, but without losing the soul of the original ones. Plus you can stack them together, both one way (TS10>Klon) and the other (Klon>TS10), in a compact but pleasant size, suitable for any pedalboard. The ÁMBAR will give you a lot of different tones in a single pedal, apart from THAT tone we all know…



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Based on the Klon Centaur circuit, it has been slightly redesigned to incorporate a BASS potentiometer. You can get the same tones as a stock Klon if you keep the BASS pot in the center (at 12:00).

The amber side will give you that classic fat tone if you set it as a booster (lots of headroom and lots of output) and that powerful and hard rock overdrive when the gain is above 12:00.

Of course, it features everything that makes a Klon-style circuit memorable: soviet NOS germanium diodes, a charge pump chip that raises the internal voltage from 9V to 18V, and a dual gain pot that splits and controls the clean/dirt signal.


Based on the TS10 circuit, it has been redesigned to achieve more versatility without losing the soul of a TS. We’ve added a dedicated PRESENCE pot which will allow you to boost or attenuate clipped high frequencies, and a STOCK/OPEN switch.

Just like on the amber side, you can get the tones of a stock TS10 if you keep the presence pot in the center (at 12:00), and the STOCK /OPEN switch in the STOCK position (down). In this way, you will get that midrange tone characteristic of all TS with that small velvety or quieter touch of the specific TS10 model.

With the STOCK/OPEN switch in the OPEN position you will get a more open sound, that is, the bass and treble cut that characterizes a TS decreases.


Size: 120 x 100 x 55 mm