Finding That Tone BBlues One Low Gain Overdrive

In 1986 the Japanese company Ibanez launched the Tube Screamer TS10. Like its brothers the TS808 and TS9, it featured the same typical characteristics of a Tube Screamer, selective clipping of mid-range frequencies and heavy cutting of high frequencies, producing that characteristic mid-hump. However, the 3 subtle differences present in the TS10’s audio circuit compared to its predecessors make it slightly more melodic and smooth. The TS10 is hated by many and loved by many others, it was used by SRV in its last stage and by John Mayer today, among others. It is without a doubt the hidden and last prestigious link in the Tube Screamer family. 

As a tribute to this pedal that has not yet been officially reissued, we offer you the JAPAN 1986 Classic Overdrive, in a Limited Edition while stock last. Replica of the original circuit except for the incursion of softswtiching true bypass. You can buy it now at a reasonable price and in three finishes: in gold color and upholstered in two different Japanese fabrics, Hana (flowers) and Fuji (mountains) patterns. 

Size: 68 x 127 x 57 mm.

Exclusive sale through our official dealer BEBOP Guitar Store.

NEW: As requested by many, we introduce you the new Dark Limited Edition (while stock last), with a 4 new fabric finishes and a new black powder coating color.

Gold: 135 € (sold out)
Fuji fabric: 150€ (sold out)
Hana fabric: 150€ (sold out)

Black: 135 € (sold out)
Sakura fabric: 150€ (sold out)
Waves fabric: 150€ (sold out)
Tsuru fabric: 150€ (sold out)
Koi fabric: 150€ (sold out)

VAT included. Shipping cost is not included.