BBlues One v1




The BBlues One v1 is based on the BluesBreaker mk1, our favorite pedal and the reason Finding That Tone was born. We present this new improved version, which includes:

  • NOS components.
  • Soft switching (footswitch with no-clack)
  • True bypass
  • 9v standard DC
  • Blue LED indicator
  • Black faceplate
  • Top mounted jacks
  • External switch to change between 2 different versions (early/later versions).
  • Available in several colours
  • Made in Spain


Due to the high number of requests for the BBlues One v1, we have finished our batch of NOS diodes. We cannot accept more reservations, so we close the waiting list.. 

We recommend that you take a look at our new BBlues One.

🎸 Thanks to all of you who have trusted Finding That Tone 🎸

EARLY/LATER mk1 versions switch

There are two versions or rather two variations of the BluesBreaker mk1 circuit (the original big black box mk1, not the silver 4 knob BB2 or mk2). The differences are subtle, but they have a substantial impact on sound response.


Present in the first units of the BluesBreaker mk1 from the early ’90s. This is the most exclusive version and sought after by collectors of this pedal. It produces a less aggressive and sweeter tone, somewhat less bright and with less gain. Ideal for John Mayer-style clean glassy tones.

If you’re looking for a good “edgey” tone, check out the Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal from the early ‘90s. Not the BB-2 (bad), but the original. It’s a great beefy sound that colors strat pickups in a really interesting way.” – by JM


Present in most units of the BluesBreaker mk1. It arose because Marshall, sometime in the mid-’90s (hypothesized probably 1994), tweaked certain values of the circuit components to give the pedal a bit more punch and gain, producing a brighter tone. and aggressive. This is the version normally used as the base in most clone/based pedals (JHS Morning Glory, Protein blue side, The Duellist B side…).

The circuit of our BBlues One v1 pedal has been meticulously designed from an original unit of the Marshall BluesBreaker mk1 “early version” from the early ’90s, and contains the same NOS components that we found when opening and analyzing it. However, we have added an external switch to switch to the values of the components of the “later version”, so in a single pedal you have the 2 versions, so you can use the one you like the most. Great, isn’t it? 🙂

BBlues One v1 Finding That Tone circuit


BBlues One v1 available in several colours (painted by hand)

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